The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

Frequently asked questions

Our company requires you to have insurance coverage before servicing our facility.Can you provide proof of your coverage?

Absolutely! We would be more than happy to provide your company with a copy of our Certificate of liability coverage.

Can Custom Clean provide us with a W-9?

Yes! Absolutely!

How long does it take to get a cleaning contract with Custom Clean and be put on your schedule?

Usually about one week. There are a few steps involved. We do our best to get you on our cleaning schedule as soon as the proposal/bid on your facility is accepted, signed and returned.

How do I know I can trust Custom Clean's employees?

We are very particular about who we hire! Every Custom Clean employee undergoes a rigorous screening process that includes but is not limited to, a thorough criminal backgroud check and drug screen! Additionally, all of our employees are fully insured. Our employees are given top-notch training to meet our demanding standards, and we regularly conduct quality inspection checks. Trust is a vital component of our business! Our integrity is everything! We pride on having earned the trust of hundreds of customers throughout the many years of our company's success.

What if one of Custom Clean's employees are injured at our facility? Also, Am I responcible for the taxes if I hire a professional cleaning comapny?

NO! Our goal is to reduce the number of responcibilities in your life; not add to them! Many Companies are unaware of the risks involved in hiring independant cleaners, who often pass the liability for work-related injuries and the responcibility of payroll taxes onto their clients. As a professional cleaning service, we are responcible for all elements of our staff's employment, including payroll taxes and workmans compensation in the event of an injury. The only thing you will ever have to worry about is how we can best serve you!